I'm a Polish painter who's been living in Hamburg, Germany, since 2012. My artistic journey started with a deep dive into painting and printing techniques during my studies at the Academy of Arts in Gdansk, Poland. I later pursued a Master's degree in graphic design and printing.

My art is a blend of figurative and evocative elements, often characterized by a dense, unstructured style. I love depicting ethereal and mystical human figures against open, enigmatic landscapes. Through my work, I aim to reveal a world I yearn for—one that knows no boundaries, where everything blurs into beautiful chaos. It's an escape into a realm that resonates with the escapist in all of us.In my artistic process, I relish the tactile aspects of painting. I often incorporate textures and enjoy mixing traditional and printed elements on my canvases. My body of work is an ongoing exploration of the human experience, an exploration of identity's ever-shifting landscape, and an appreciation of the fleeting beauty embedded in the digital tapestry of modern life.



Nicolaus Copernicus Universität, Torun, Polen
1 Jahr Grafik Studium, dann Wechsel der Universität und des Studienganges

2007 - 2012
Akademie der Künste, Danzig, Polen
2 Jahre Studium der Malerei im Atelier von Marek Model, dann Richtungswechsel zur
Grafik im Atelier von u.a. Janusz Gorski

Akademie der Künste, Danzig, Polen
Master-Abschluss in künstlerischer Druckgrafik und Grafikdesign


- „24 Personen“; Danziger Städtische Galerie, Danzig, Polen, 2010

- „Tak Milosz“ (Posteraustellung), Rondo Sztuki, Katowice, Polen, 2011

- Abschlussaustellung, Kunstwaffenkammer, Danzig, Polen 2012

- „Taste” - ein Kunstfestival für junge Kreative, Kulturwerkstadt Altona, Hamburg 2017,

- „Tierisch gut“, Galerie Schichtwechsel; Hamburg 2017

- „Co budzi twoja nadzieje?“ („Was gibt dir Hoffnung?“), Torun, Wozownia Gallery, Polen, 2021

- “Prace domowe” (“Hausarbeit”), Gallery CkiS Wieza Cisnien, Konin, Polen, 2022

- "Objects" (together with Alicia Majewska), Galeria Wspolna, Bydgoszcz, 2023